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August 11, 2017
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July 24, 2018
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Revive Brain Chow

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* Designed to improve cognitive focus, attention, and overall mental performance

* Each serving contains 350 mg of citicoline and 750 mg of creatine HCL to provide the mental boost you are looking for!

* It was designed based on 5,000+ person clinical research conducted at several top tier universities! 

* Watch the video below to see how it changed the life of a special forces soldier.  It turns down the mental noise and fog.” 

* support  phospholipid  metabolism in  the  brain

* support  acetylcholine  production

* support  brain  DNA  synthesis  and  repair

* support dopamine  and  norepinephrine production

* Get Revive Brain Chow 30 servings now for $49 or subscribe and save!

* Glutten Free!


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Mikes Story


My name is Joe and I am a Green Beret who was deployed in 2017. During that deployment I was near an explosion and sustained a TBI. I followed the TBI medical protocol and noticed gradual improvements over the next few days and weeks but could never shake feeling like I was living in a cloud, which is the only way I can describe it. I had a fuzzy memory, and difficulty sleeping which lasted for months after returning home. Then one day an acquaintance recommended I contact Jason to inquire about his NXT SET Stack plus Revive supplements because the supplements helped his TBI symptoms. Jason let me know how the supplementation works and with some hesitation (I’m not much of a supplement taker) I agreed to give them a try. After only two days there was a noticeable improvement. After two weeks there was a marked improvement in my speech, short and long term memory recall, sleep, and overall mood. I feel like my brain is functioning better than prior to my deployment. I embrace the Stack plus Revive and without hesitation recommend it to anyone who may be suffering with similar symptoms.