Episode 12 – Tiffany Christensen
July 23, 2019


Rebekah Miller





Rebekah is a survivor at life. After having a premature baby, losing her husband, surviving a stroke, and enduring shingles, she found healing and peace in weight lifting.

Everything in her life was put into perspective when her son came home from school and asked her “when he gets a new daddy.” She didn’t even know what to say, but was curious. He went on to tell her that he has a friend whose mom “gets him a new daddy” all the time.
She tried not to laugh, but it was a reality check. Life moves on, but she wasn’t. She knew she needed to start dating but lacked confidence. That was the turning point. It all came to a head that day.

Since, she has found so many things that she loves to do that make living a blast. Hiking, snowshoeing, weightlifting, running 5ks with her son, cooking healthy food and just surrounding herself with people who care about her. She also loves paying it forward. She has given back to the hospital that has saved her son’s life for years. She raised money with fundraisers, purchased baby items for many families and given hundreds of gas and food cards for families caught in the NICU that were flown in from out of state. She ran Sub for Santa’s that helped at least a 100 family’s with epic Santa deliveries. She is finding so much joy and happiness in everything life has brought her.

“There are quite a few things that have made life easier on me and Nxt Set REVIVE has definitely been one of them.”

Host – Rachel Jones

Guests – Rebekah Miller

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