Basics of Intermittent Fasting
October 31, 2017
Brittany Riesenberg
December 11, 2017

In my path to seeking enlightenment, I am constantly seeking knowledge and asking questions….  Recently I asked myself what is “functional training?”  It seems to be a very common topic or term in the health and fitness world.

If you ask your trainer, coach, health guru or whomever you’ll likely be told that functional training is super basic movement training.   Meaning most humans throughout their day share many basic movements in common like walking, running, pushing, pulling, squatting, and hinging.  So functional training is taking those basic movements and trying to improve the strength, form, and efficiency of those movements in your life…  Almost all of physical therapy after injury falls under functional training.

Super basic human functional moves like pushing can be broken down and practiced and improved.  With repetition and good form, the trainee begins to improve their efficiency and ability to do the moves, and weight or resistance is gradually increased.   With continued training, you improve efficiency, strength, balance and reduce injury risk when doing the motions in daily life.

Why practice functional training?  You get better at life.  Or movement in your life.  Remember Uncle Don lifting the couch in ‘99 and blowing out his back?  Well, imagine if the couch wasn’t the first thing Uncle Don lifted in the last 11 years?  Imagine if he had practiced, squats, engaging his core to offset or to take the load, instead of his poor spine…

One of the largest selling points to functional training is that it isn’t something that has to be done in a gym setting.  It can be done in almost any space.

If you’re newer to fitness, or just getting back into shape doing functional training is a great place to start.  Hop on youtube and google a “good core functional training” or whatever muscle group you’d like to work on.  You’ll find something you can do today in your home or a park.  whatever you do just be active and be a stronger you!

Get after it!

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