Brittany Riesenberg
December 11, 2017
Kiersten Maisey
January 16, 2019

Pro weight management tip of the day..  Stop drinking Soda, If you can’t then start drinking less.

But either way start making progress to reduce consumption of soda or unnecessary sugar.  Soda is loaded with it by way of crazy amounts of high fructose corn syrup.  If you are not a cold turkey quitter then make manageable changes and begin to reduce the amount and frequency of your soda, or sugary drink consumption.   I am not a cold turkey quitter, especially with something like sugar that my brain was hardwired to want and neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.  I needed soda….  Really bad….   Still really want it….  #triggered 

Drum roll, I actually still have it from time to time.  But I changed how I thought about soda mentally, this thinking helped me stop/reduce my consumption and eventually not need or crave it anymore.  

Early on my most recent weight loss efforts in 2017, I watched an individual far in excess of average weight, cart a 64 oz refillable thermos into the gas station needing to re up the soda level.   I had observed this behavior many times before, but this day I struggled with my own good diet decisions and I was busy judging the behavior of others.  Thinking to myself, “this person may as well just fill the mug with caffeinated cake then drink a cup of water and would probably get the same result.  I kept thinking about that conclusion and started to view soda like cake.   With that comparative thinking I no longer wanted to chase a bite of a snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a swig of cake.  

If you struggle with soda, cola, pop, all of the bubbly things, you’re not alone. We are surrounded by sugar, and somehow over the last several years soda companies have invited themselves right to the kitchen table.  It’s normal and built into all of our food meal options, especially fast food…  It’s every where and the idea here is to stop seeing it as a drink, or as an answer to our bodies thirst.  I needed to change how I viewed it.  Needing that change I started to visualize soda as cake.  This tweak allowed me to make more sensible beverage decisions.   

When you are thirsty drink water, when you are celebrating have cake. Always remember that like anything else… moderation!

Take care of yourself, be stronger and healthier today than you were yesterday.  Better hydration, diet, and supplementation choices = better you.


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