We were tired! Tired of products claiming to do something they didn’t. Products identifying certain ingredients on the supplement facts but when tested only contained half of what was listed due to fillers used to create an illusion of a complete product.

Our team is made up of lifetime consumers of fitness products representing the entire spectrum of supplement consumers from the “average Joe” to the “healthy life style enthusiast” to the “athlete & fitness professional.” Each of us had been so frustrated buying supplements that did not meet expectations that we decided to do something about it. Our response was to take control, develop our own supplements, and become the solution.

Nxt Set provides supplements to cover all phases of your workout without confusion. We educate consumers on what they put into their bodies. And we always provide high-quality products by using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients in facilities that are FDA-registered and GMP-certified.

We feel we represent the consumer who has spent his or her hard-earned money expecting results but who has ended up largely unsatisfied by those purchases and has given up on their fitness goals, which could have serious effects on health and quality of life.

At Nxt Set we are dedicated to increasing quality of life for the entire spectrum of fitness supplement consumers by educating individuals and proudly providing a quality product people can trust. We took control of our supplementation so you can take control of yours!