The difference? We give you more.


Leading supplement companies add large amounts of filler to their products and leave out critical ingredients. NXT SET gives you more product for your money. In fact, that’s all we give you—high quality active ingredients and flavoring. No filler, no cheap stuff, 100% formula. More quality product.


NEXT SET’s supplements are specially formulated with the optimal blend of ingredients to deliver what you need when you need it, unlocking the power inside of you.


Amazing pre-workout designed to prepare your body to perform with:

  • Flow (vasodilation for maximum blood flow)
  • Support (muscle support & repair)
  • Focus (sharp focus & endurance)
  • Absorb (absorption of essential vitamins & nutrients)


The best workout supplement, carefully formulated to maximize workout performance:

  • Boost (BCAA’s maximize muscle output & aid in growth/repair; electrolytes for cell support, fluid balance, and muscle endurance)
  • Support (muscle support & repair)
  • Absorb (absorption of essential vitamins & nutrients)


Give your body what it wants after an intense workout. Recover, speed up muscle repair & grow stronger with:

  • Boost (BCAA’s maximize muscle support & aid in growth/repair)
  • Support (electrolytes for cell support, fluid balance, and muscle endurance; antioxidants to fight free radicals and reduce; muscle, bone, and blood support)
  • Absorb (absorption of essential vitamins & nutrients)


NXT SET’s supplements are formulated for maximum absorption by the digestive system and muscles. All products contain essential vitamins B-6 and B-12 which play a role in converting food into energy, metabolizing fats and proteins, tissue repair, and cell production. This kicks the body into to gear to absorb and use the supplement. If a supplement is not absorbed and processed well, much of it can pass through the digestive system unused. Our formula maximizes delivery. More absorption.