Welcome to the NXT SET Ambassador Program!!


Thank you for your interest in our products! At NXT SET we’re about changing the game for supplementation. Bring quality and integrity back to a saturated industry. By joining our team you’re going to represent quality products designed for what the body actually needs and produced properly in a NSF/GMP and FDA registered lab.


Why do you want to become a NXT SET Ambassador? The answer to that is because you want to trust and represent a quality supplement provider and you want to make money!!



What is required of an Ambassador –


  • Maintaining active social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram.
  • Posting “NXT SET Supplement Ambassador” in all social media biographies with links to the NXT SET website.
  • Like and follow all NXT SET social media accounts.
  • Post and repost 4 social media posts per month on main page and stories supporting NXT SET products and brand names.
  • Post and repost 1-2 video to social media per month supporting NXT SET products and brand names.
  • Refraining from liking, supporting, or promoting any social media of NXT SET’s competitors without the express written authorization from NXT SET.
  • Attending and supporting event supporting NXT SET branding and marketing (i.e. tradeshows, fitness events, etc.)
  • Actively encouraging customers and potential customers to engage and positively review and participate in the NXT SET community.
  • Directing all potential customers to NXT SET products only, unless otherwise specified by NXT SET.
  • Wearing NXT SET products related apparel.
  • Post reviews of NXT SET products and related NXT SET branding to active sites, Facebook, Google, NXT SET website.



What do I Get?!


NXT SET Ambassadors are commissioned 20% of their net referral sales on product and apparel. Ambassadors are provided a referral code to post in all social media bios, and to be given to any potential referral sale. Ambassadors are also provided a personal discount code to be used for their own product purchases.


At NXT SET we want you to be successful so we are successful. We can assist ambassoders with building their social media following. Our marketing and social media team can help build your following on Instagram and Facebook by targeting the appropriate audiences and markets in order for you to grow and not only strengthen your influence and in turn increase your referral sales.


For further information please send questions to info@nxtsetsupplements.com


Again we thank you for your interest in joining our team. We look forward to prosperous relation ship with you!



NXT SET Executive Team



If you are not an affiliate, but wish to become one, you will need to apply. If you have an existing account, please log in. If not, please register.